Albemarle City Council approves appointments

The city still has eight vacancies to fill

Councilmembers voted on the appointments at the June 17 regular meeting (City of Albemarle)

ALBEMARLE — At its regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday night, the Albemarle City Council made a series of unanimous appointments to various city boards and commissions.

Each leadership group is designed to provide opportunities for the general public to provide oversight and support for city business.

Councilmembers Chris Bramlett, Dexter Townsend, Chris Whitley, Benton Dry, David Hunt and Bill Aldridge joined Mayor Pro-Tem Martha Sue Hall in a united approval of updated membership rosters for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Planning and Zoning Board, Tree Commission, and Historic Resources Commission.

Each vote was in approval of the recommended candidates, with no ‘nay’ votes signaled by the council.

Starting with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the council reappointed Martha Hughes and appointed Lindsey Almond — the city’s economic development director — to each oversee the local welcome center.

Moving on to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, councilmembers voted to reappoint Bryan Sharp, Shawn Baldwin, Jerry Barrier and Ron Loflin to the board that provides guidance to city staff and local leaders in the development of parks and recreation programs, events, activities and facilities.

That board still has a vacant position that is being monitored through volunteer applications; potential members must be Albemarle residents and demonstrate an interest and involvement in parks programs or facilities, according to the city’s criteria.

The council then voted to appoint Tanner Denton and Robert McIntyre to a regular membership status — each previous alternates — for the Planning and Zoning Board, replacing Kent Harkey and Michelle Cumming, respectively.

Albemarle is still seeking volunteer applications for two open alternate spots for the planning board, which holds the task of considering requests to amend the city’s zoning ordinance with recommendations to the council.

Although the council had not yet reviewed the application entry by Leslie Snuggs Phillips, she was officially added as a new alternate member.

“I approve of every bit of this,” Hall said. “However, when we’re appointing folks, I want us to be able to see those applications and to be able to see the attendance record of people…I think we’ve got to work on our procedures so that we know what their attendance record is. I know who you all want, but I think we’ve got to go back to folks that want to be there.”

For the Albemarle Tree Commission, the council reappointed Elaine Nelson to the group responsible for the preservation, care, planting and regulation of trees in public places within the city.

The city still has two vacant spots to fill for the tree commission.

Lastly, for the Historic Resources Commission, councilmembers agreed to reappoint Razan Abd El Haque-Brown and continue to accept applications for the two open membership spots. The commission is responsible for making recommendations pertaining to local historic districts and to assist in the implementation of the general beautification of the city.

The Albemarle City Council is set to meet again on July 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.