‘Extremely aggressive’ rodeo bull still on the loose in Norwood

(AP Photo/Andre Penner)

NORWOOD — One week after the Norwood Police Department announced that a rodeo bull had escaped from a local stockyard, the current location of the runaway animal is still unknown. 

The department confirmed to SCJ on Oct. 10 that it hasn’t received any reported sightings or updates on the bull despite a continued search effort.  

The athletic mascot name for Norwood’s South Stanly High School — the Rebel Bulls — has never appeared more fitting.  

According to authorities, the 700-pound bull broke through the walls of its enclosure at the Stanly County Livestock Market, located at 13215 Indian Mound Road, on the morning of Oct. 5 and took off from its pen in an unknown direction. 

“We have received information that a rodeo bull has escaped from the stockyard on Indian Mound Road,” the Norwood Police Department alerted the public in a social media post. “This bull is chocolate in color and is extremely aggressive. If you see this bull, please call 911 immediately, and under no circumstances should you approach the animal, as he will chase you.” 

Those with knowledge of the bull’s location can also call the Norwood Police Department directly at 704-474-3716. 

In an attempt to corral the bull, cowboys from Mooresville, along with professionals with dogs trained to track cattle, were called in to mount a search for the stockyard escapee, but it has not been spotted as of yet. 

The narrative around the bull’s escape and unknown whereabouts quickly became a social media sensation as many national publications picked up the story, leading to many jokes and memes addressing the situation. The Norwood Police Department even joined in by reposting a Facebook meme portraying a crowd in the street running away from a charging bull. 

“On a side note… our hibachi steak is extra fresh this weekend,” Lantern Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in Norwood, wrote on the post. 

“This is a trick, isn’t it? What they aren’t telling us is this is the newest contest for the Norwood Fall Festival. First person to grab the bull’s tail and counts to ten gets a free steak dinner,” one social media user added.  

“Someone let Spain know Norwood is the new location for the running of the bulls,” another user commented.  

The Norwood-based Stanly County Livestock Market is currently gearing up for its Fall Cow Sale on October 22, where it is aiming to sell 200 bred cows, cow/calf pairs, and bred heifers. More information can be found at www.norwoodstockyard.com.