Stanly animal shelter asks community for help

ALBEMARLE — The Stanly County Animal Protection Services (SCAPS) announced in December that they are “over capacity” at their shelter and need help from the community.  

“We are only 1.5 staff members, 4 officers, a small group of dedicated volunteers and a old concrete building with 37 kennels,” they said Dec. 15 on their social media. “Right now, nearly every kennel is full. The need for the homeless animals in our community is much more than we can fill alone. SCAPS Community, we need your help.” 

SCAPS said they are doing everything they can to “avoid euthanizing for space,” but that they “have nowhere to put incoming dogs.” 

Days later, SCAPS posted on their page that cat intake would also be closed until further notice. “Several of our cats have contracted ringworm, and we need to close intake until we get this under control. We do not want to euthanize these cats, so we need your help!!!” 

To help incentivize people to adopt, SCAPS implemented a $25 adoption special that concluded Dec. 20. They are also asking those in the community to help in a number of areas.  

Those in the community who have a dog on “stray hold,” they ask you to “please welcome them back home.” 

Those who have found a dog, they ask that you make a “found animal report,” and then consider doing the “stray hold” at your own home until the owner is located.  

Those who need to surrender their pet, they ask you to make an appointment, so they can be sure there is enough space.  

Those who are interested in adopting and fostering, they ask that you reach out immediately and find a pet you can welcome into your home.  

“Most of all, please consider getting your pets spayed/neutered through our low-cost program,” SCAPS said. “There are too many homeless animals in our community, and there just aren’t enough homes.” 

In addition, they ask for help with supplies to care for the ringworm among their cat population and requested volunteers, saying, “If you have just a couple of spare hours over the next couple of weeks to help us with lime dips, please let us know!!!!” 

“Thank you for all of your support during this stressful time!!” SCAPS said in the post. “As a community, we will get through this.”