Albemarle police officer on leave, charged with domestic violence

Photo courtesy of the Albemarle Police Department

ALBEMARLE — An Albemarle police officer has been placed on administrative leave by his department after being arrested for assaulting a female.

Jeremy Brown, 27, was charged with domestic violence Tuesday night after a female caller told a 911 emergency dispatcher that Brown had scratched her face and attempted to strike her with his police baton inside her home at the Chimney’s Apartments complex.

Officers from the Albemarle Police Department arrived at 905 Chimneys Ln. in Albemarle and took Brown to the Stanly County Jail, where he was held without bond until his first scheduled court appearance the following morning. 

On Friday, Capt. Chris Huneycutt of the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Brown was released on bond Wednesday at 12:48 p.m. 

“He made his appearance before a judge where his bond was set and he appears to have posted that bond,” Huneycutt told SCJ. “If you’re charged with a domestic violence offense, the magistrate cannot set a bond until after 48 hours. It’s a 48-hour hold or an appearance before a district court judge — whichever comes first.”

In the redacted audio of the 911 call made on Aug. 24 at 5:32 p.m., provided to SCJ after a public-records request, the alleged female victim told the emergency dispatcher, “Your Officer Brown assaulted me. He scratched up my whole face and broke my whole phone with my daughter in the apartment….He flicked his baton at me and tried to beat the s— out of me with his baton.”

The caller said that she is a mother of a newborn and that Brown comes home from work and yells at her. She added that no drugs or alcohol were involved but alleged that he has “mental issues.” At the time of the call, she said Brown was in his police car with the intention of starting his nightly work shift at the police department. 

“He told me if he gets locked up and comes out of jail, he’s coming after me because he has nothing to lose,” the caller said. “My neighbors know he has an anger problem because they hear him yell and scream at me for the past year and a half.”

On the same night of Brown’s arrest, the Albemarle Police Department released an official statement that confirmed that he had been placed on administrative leave within the department.

“This type of behavior is something our police department will not tolerate, and we hold our officers to an extremely high standard,” Albemarle Police Chief David Poston told SCJ on Friday. “We will investigate this internally and deal with it appropriately. We want to be as transparent as possible within the law and without interfering with any legal process.”  

SCJ reached out to Stanly County District Attorney Lynn Clodfelter for further information regarding Brown’s court appearance, but he was unable to comment on the legal matter at this time.