More accolades for Stanly Community College

Ranking site puts SCC as No. 2 in state, No. 22 in nation

ALBEMARLE — Last year, the site, which analyzes K-12 schools, colleges, universities and neighborhoods by using available data, announced that Stanly Community College was their top North Carolina community college for 2021. Now, for 2022, SCC was again ranked among the state’s elite community colleges, coming in at No. 2, with nearby Randolph Community College taking the top spot. 

Not only did SCC receive notice when compared to other North Carolina schools, but they also ranked highly nationally, coming in at No. 20 out of 326 schools in the “Best Online Colleges in America” category and No. 22 out of 845 in the “Best Community Colleges in America” category.  

SCC highest grades were for student life, safety and value. In regards to value, the average is $8,447, compared to $15,523 nationally.  

“Stanly Community College’s highest scores came from the factors based on student and alumni survey responses and campus quality,” Natalie Tsay, a PR specialist for, told SCJ. “As student life and safety followed close behind, it’s clear that Stanly is a fantastic place for its students to be. Looking at last year’s data, it improved in both the safety and local area factors.” 

SCC has a wide variety of degrees and certifications offered, from medical specializations in respiratory therapy, nursing, pharmaceutical technology and emergency medical science; to trades, like welding, electrical linework, automotive and heavy equipment operations; to technology, such as simulation and game development, cybersecurity and computer engineering; to first-responder certification for law enforcement and firefighters.  

“Stanly’s strong performance in the 2022 Best Community Colleges in North Carolina ranking, No. 2 of 54, is something to be very proud of, especially since the students played such a key role in the ranking,” Tsay said. 

After the 2021 No. 1 ranking, SCC put out a press release touting their strong performance. 

“After a difficult year for our students, faculty, and staff, these recognitions are very encouraging,” SCC President Dr. John Enamait said in the release at the time. “We have the BEST faculty and staff in the state and these rankings only reinforce the outstanding educational opportunities SCC offers. Despite a year of adversity, our faculty and staff have again risen to the top and excelled in providing the best education possible for our students.” 

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