21-lot subdivision approved in northern Albemarle


ALBEMARLE — The preliminary plat for a planned subdivision along Knollwood Lane in Albemarle, to be called Knollwood Park, was approved by the city council at its Sept. 8 meeting. The subdivision will be built in north Albemarle between Highway 52 and Little Long Creek.  

The council was presented with a checklist of things that had to be completed before it could proceed. Most have been completed, while a few, like providing a name for the new street, are still being achieved.  

Staff believes this subdivision plat will meet the requirements for approval with minor changes the developer is in agreement on, city management said in the agenda packet.  

The lot is 14 acres with 21 lots that do not need rezoning because they are already in an R-10 singlefamily residential zoning district. All the lots conform to minimum lot size and setbacks as well.  

The development will be built on two roads; one is an existing road, Knollwood Lane, and the other will be built by the developer to provide access to about half the plots. Knollwood Lane is currently a gravel road managed by the city, but it will be paved during the project. 

City zoning regulations require 10% of any development of this kind to have open space in order to enhance the quality of life in the development by providing for picnicking, walking, team sports and similar recreational opportunities. 

The city made the developer aware of this, and the plan was adjusted to include 1.4 acres of open space along the creek. The development does not have an HOA planned to take care of any open space, so the land will be handed over to the city as an easement.  

Traffic analysis of the property was not required because there are only 21 lots. The city requires traffic assessments when there are more than 55 plots. This lot is not expected to have traffic impact for northern Albemarle where it is located.  

Water and sewer services will have to be extended to reach the development. 

After the presentation and discussion, the city council voted unanimously to approve the preliminary plan for Knollwood Park.