Athletes of the Week: Albemarle High Volleyball

Albemarle Volleyball consists of both a JV and Varsity team this year. This is an achievement in and of itself, as just 3 years ago there were barely enough girls to have a Varsity team alone. Over the past few years the program has grown and whereas the overall standings may lead people to think there have been few successes, that is not the case. The team, led by Coach Wright and Coach Lowder, don’t measure success in wins and losses, as when building a program it’s important to celebrate the small victories. Success at this stage is found in small successes like passing using the correct form, hitting the floor on a hard hit ball, or refusing to quit in the face of adversity. On Varsity there is only one senior, Jocelyn Torres, and three freshmen, making the team very young and inexperienced. Of the nine Varsity members only one has actually played on the varsity level before. The girls, on both teams, work hard in practice to grow and improve, and not just in volleyball. The expectation set by the coaches is that the ladies leave the program as better people and athletes.