Phillips resigns from board of elections to accept magistrate position

ALBEMARLE — Stanly County Board of Elections chairwoman Karmen Mock Phillips resigned last week after being hired as a county magistrate. Since the position requires interaction with elected judges, Phillips believed serving on the Board of Elections could be a conflict of interest. Phillips has served on the board since 2015.

FILE PHOTO: Karmen Mock Phillips

“I have accepted a new employment position. Because of the potential for a perceived conflict of interest this may create, I must resign, effective immediately, my position as chair and as a member of the Stanly County Board of Elections,” said Phillips in her resignation letter.

One of two Republicans on the board, Phillips’ departure leaves the board with only three members and 2-1 Democratic majority. Ron Burris, a Democrat, is the board’s vice chairman. Democrat Desi Shine and Republican Sue McIntyre are the other two members.

The chairman of the local GOP has the duty of forwarding local nominations to the state party which then sends nominations to the State Board of Elections. The state board ultimately appoints the new member to the Stanly County board.

Stanly County Republican Party Chairman Phil Burr says he must submit two names to the state party, and he is preparing to do that this week.

“I want to appoint someone who will be fair to candidates and voters,” said Burr. “I hope that we will have a new member seated on the board by next week.”