Letter to readers

Dear Readers,

I am happy to see the first issue of the Stanly County Journal roll off the press and into communities throughout the county. Just like the North State Journal, my hope is that through the truth and beauty of this new publication, citizens of Stanly County will gain a new appreciation of their neighbors, a better understanding of their government, and renewed sense of pride in their home county.

Stanly County Journal publisher Neal Robbins

From Richfield to Stanfield and Norwood to New London, I am excited to see all that Stanly County has to offer. The Stanly County Journal — combined with the statewide reach of the North State Journal — will fill a void in the marketplace for strong journalism, countywide coverage, and access to information beyond the borders of Stanly County. Our goal is to elevate the conversation about this vibrant and growing county.

I hope that you will partner with us as we grow a unique local newspaper that reflects the entirety of Stanly County and reminds readers of the important moments that are truly community news. The Stanly County Journal will report the news, mark important milestones, and provide information that represents the heartbeat of a community. At the same time, I hope you enjoy a fresh opinion page that values results over intentions and recognizes the importance of a free press in a democratic society and a growing sports page that will hopefully provide full coverage for local sports while bringing you access to Tobacco Road and the rest of our state’s world-class sporting events.

Let’s elevate the conversation together and I hope to hear from you on these pages. Letters to the editor can be addressed to [email protected].

Neal Robbins