DIXON: To be properly informed — key to better preparation

Believing that gratitude is never out of style, please accept my thanks for the kind comments I occasionally get regarding this article.  May I also re-express my thanks to former editor, Gary Scott, for taking a chance on me almost 25 years ago. Expressing my opinions under the byline, We, the people, has been an interesting and productive experience for me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to do the same for the Duplin Journal.  I hope we all understand the importance, indeed the crucial necessity, of having quality print media available in our local communities.  As this world gets faster and faster there is the portent of losing access to reliable print media presenting objective debate on current issues.

We all are subject to being uninformed on a variety issues.  Being uninformed can be remedied with honest information presented in an objective unbiased manner.  However, persons being misinformed in a fast-paced world is of greater concern.

Laurence J. Peter, author of “The Peter Principle,” has reminded us that, “Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.” Both logic and The Good Book teach us that, “If you are prepared you shall not fear.”

To be properly informed is to be better prepared.

By processing information we can move from ignorance to knowledge. If we are uninformed we are more susceptible to the evil designs of those who would misinform us. Anyone remember, “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan, period.”  Need I say more?

Well, yes I think I should say more because we are now reaping the harvest of the deceitful seeds planted almost 16 years ago with the promise to “fundamentally change America.” But, we have been warned, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. And we have been given the antidote, “But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered.” Proverbs 9:11

For a multitude of reasons there is a vast body of uninformed citizens who have been cleverly targeted and exploited by those with evil designs. They become the misinformed group that may have enough voting power to elect those who are callous enough to use ignorance to replace that which is good with that which is evil.

Unbiased media is helpful but education can and should replace ignorance with knowledge. Parents have the primary responsibility of preparing their children to receive a free public education which can provide them with the necessary knowledge to function as productive citizens.

When parents fail to do their part, principals and classroom teachers are hard pressed to make up for that deficiency. Disrupt delivering a quality education to the next generation and you have uniformed youngsters who will likely become misinformed voters.

There are those within the Departments of Public Instruction across our nation who have woke administrators. They peddle the most egregious misinformation. They try to erase gender and allow transgender males to compete against biological women.

They introduce young minds to forms of what they call the new morality which is actually no morality.

It appears to me that the Godless elements of the secular socialist are now trying to put the final touches on the promise to fundamentally change America by gorging the populace with boatloads of misinformation. They are now characterizing the exercise of good judgment as discrimination.

To speak against anyone for anything is now classified as discrimination. This “anything goes” style of the so-called new morality has one goal: weaken the positive effects of the family unit on American culture. Men and women in positions of authority should promote and demand good, old-fashioned truth from all forms of media.

We, the people, especially mothers and fathers, must diligently train up our children so that ignorance and misinformation will not be the armor that defeats logic.

Jimmy Dixon (R-NC04) represents Duplin and Wayne counties in the N.C. House of Representatives.