MERCER: Presidential visit won’t carry North Carolina’s lessons to DC 

President Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address earlier this month as Vice President Kamala Harris applauds. (Shawn Thew / Pool via AP)

Tomorrow, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are mounting a full effort to put North Carolina in play in this year’s election by making a grand visit to our state.

While we appreciate the attention and the sight of Air Force One in our beautiful Carolina blue skies, it seems unlikely they will bring what they truly need on this trip: pen and paper to take notes.

North Carolina’s economy stands strong despite the continued headwinds caused by Bidenomics.

Our unemployment rate comes in below the national average thanks to Republicans’ commitment to low taxes, reasonable regulation and fiscal discipline. Higher costs continue to weaken North Carolinians’ buying power, and the data backs it up. As of last month, additional costs add up to $967 per month since January 2021. Whether it’s gas, groceries or utilities, North Carolina families are getting less and paying more thanks to President Biden.

There is good news: State legislators have wisely invested billions of dollars into the state’s rainy-day fund, enabled common-sense infrastructure improvements for cities and towns, and continue to lower tax rates for families and businesses. Currently, the nonpartisan Tax Foundation ranks North Carolina among its 10 best states for business tax climate.

It’s no wonder that CNBC ranked our state as the Top State for Business over the past two years.

Our state is also home to pristine credit ratings because of prudent actions by the General Assembly while the Biden-Harris administration has only earned credit downgrades.

North Carolina Republicans and the Biden administration have also embarked on vastly different education policies over the last three-plus years.

Entering the White House, the Biden administration allowed teachers unions to dictate their policies. North Carolina Republicans worked to bring students back into the classroom, confronting Gov. Roy Cooper and forcing him to negotiate a deal to get kids back in the classroom.

In the Biden era, Democrats have abandoned the cause of school choice to appease their extreme anti-choice party base. Where there used to be agreement to help students trapped in underperforming schools, Republicans are the only ones now who think a ZIP code shouldn’t be determinative of one’s future. Republicans expanded the Opportunity Scholarships program for all families to choose the education plan best suited for their family. Democrats only offer platitudes and empty promises while lining their pockets with teacher unions’ money.

Most critically, Biden and Democrats do not take the most basic role of government seriously: keeping Americans safe.

The name of Laken Riley is on the minds of millions of parents in this country because it is a tangible reminder of what Biden’s border policies have done to make this country less safe.

Biden’s abdication of responsibility at our southern border and half-hearted calls to help “fix” problems of his entirely own making is shameful.

Republicans in North Carolina, meanwhile, acted to increase penalties for rioting. State Republicans are also holding Cooper and his protege, Josh Stein, accountable for failing to support the state of Texas’ efforts to combat illegal immigration.

As President Biden and Vice President Harris land in North Carolina, we stand ready to welcome them to a state that has made the hard choices to prioritize the needs of families, businesses and communities while the radical Left prioritizes their own divisive agenda.

North Carolinians, and Americans, know that they are not better off than they were four years ago.

Together, the North Carolina Republican Party will lead the charge to retire the Biden-Harris administration and put a Republican back in the Executive Mansion in November.

Matt Mercer is communications director for the North Carolina Republican Party. He was previously editor-in-chief of North State Journal.