DOWD: What is the end game for leftist democrats?

President Joe Biden walks in a basement hallway of the Capitol to meet with House Democrats, on Capitol Hill Washington, Thursday, Oct. 28th, 2021. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The outlook in America right now is grim. Coming out of a nearly two-year global pandemic, many had looked forward to a return to the strong economic performance of the last two years of the Trump administration. But as we approach the end of Joe Biden’s first year in office, Americans are not optimistic.

More than 70% of respondents in a recent NBC poll — including 48% of Democrats — believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction. According to Gallup, Biden’s 42% approval rating is the lowest for any president not named Trump in their first year, going back to Dwight Eisenhower in 1953.

Joe Biden inherited a healthy economy, growing employment, energy independence, a secure border and a strong military. Everything Biden has done has damaged the economy, our security, our social fabric and the very idea of our nation.

With so many polls consistently showing Americans in a downbeat mood about their government and their president, why would Biden and the Democrats double-down on vastly unpopular and unnecessary government policies and social spending?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has injected a mind-boggling $5.8 trillion into the U.S. economy, which has buoyed growth somewhat, but also driven inflation to its highest rate in 40 years, along with supply chain disruptions and chronic shortages of key commodities. Massive wealth redistribution and overly generous government benefits have been a disincentive to work, reducing the labor force by 5 million people.

And yet, Democrats are desperate to cram another jaw-dropping $3.5 trillion social-welfare bill down our throats that is nothing more than a roadmap to socialism and government dependency. Why pursue these policies when we are already well on our way to Venezuela-style ruin? What is the end game?

The answer is simple; keep people despondent, disillusioned and dependent in order to maintain political power and control.

Why was it that rioters and looters were allowed to wreak unchecked havoc in cities throughout America in the summer of 2020, destroying federal property and burning America’s once-glimmering cities into the ground? Calls from leftists to defund the police predictably led to skyrocketing crime and dysfunction. In Democrat-run urban dystopias, homelessness and lawlessness go hand-in-hand while the law-abiding cower in fear and stay home.

Why did the Biden administration open the southern border in defiance of longstanding federal immigration laws and allow an estimated 2 million illegal aliens to flood into our country in 2021? It’s hard not to conclude this is an effort to import more Democratic voters, but consider the costs to our education, health care, social services and law enforcement efforts from this invasion — not to mention the drugs, thugs and real terrorists entering our country.

These policies are engineered to divide us along socio-economic and racial lines. Leftists are targeting our schools with anti-American doctrines and demonizing understandably concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.” They mandate unending, economy-crushing lockdowns and screech about “climate” and other existential “crises” in an attempt to convince voters that we have big problems that can only be addressed by ceding more power to our political “elites.”

A government program for every problem — yet our problems are never solved and only get worse. Why would we think new programs on top of old, failed programs — with even more profligate spending on top of previous wasteful outlays — would make things better?

As columnist Dennis Prager astutely observed, the more Americans depend on the government — whether for a job or economic assistance — the more likely they are to vote Democratic. In other words, “in almost every area of life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democratic Party. Democrats have placed themselves in the role of benefiting from social and moral dysfunction.”

The goal of the leftists running Biden and his woeful White House has been to upend every American institution, every American value, and America itself. We need to wake up before it’s too late and our freedom and prosperity are gone for good.

Frank Dowd IV, chairman of Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company, is a registered independent. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry is a 120-year-old U.S. manufacturer of cast iron and plastic pipe and fittings, with seven plants around the nation.