ALMOND: “A Few Good Men” a fun and worthwhile effort

A Few Good Men which opens October 13, at 7:30

A Few Good Men at the Haymarket Theatre, London in 2005. | CC

The Uwharrie Players have been busy practicing their upcoming production of A Few Good Men which opens October 13, at 7:30. The Players have spent hundreds of hours fine tuning their show, which will include both live scenes, and film scenes. The filmed scenes will be projected on the four new televisions placed within the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Stanly Commons. The unique presentation of live scenes and film will be a treat to the audience.

The play A Few Good Men is an adaption of the Oscar-nominated film which was released in the early 1990’s and starred Tom Cruise. The play takes place in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Broadway hit is about the court-martial of two Marines accused of murdering a fellow Marine. The attorney for the defendants is an inexperienced young lawyer who takes little initiative at first, and would simply like to settle for a plea bargain to the detriment of the two young Marines. The two Marines stand by their story that they were following orders and refuse to make a deal. What follows is an engaging tale of courtroom drama, personal struggles, and a complex search for the truth.

There is a large cast involved in this courtroom drama, which includes many individuals who have a great deal of experience in theatre, and many who have very little. The cast members are from all walks of life. The Uwharrie Players are bringing people together who might not know one another or cross paths professionally. This is a good thing for the Stanly County and the Uwharrie region. The cast includes Christian Payne, Steve Coats, Rodrigo Luevano, Russ Sharples, Ken Furr, Commissioner Joseph Burleson, Dr. Jeff Chance, District Attorney Lynn Clodfelter, Michael Huneycutt, TJ Smith, and John Webster. The Director, Rod Almond, who is in the Uwharrie Players Hall of Fame, has a rare opportunity to direct such a talented and diverse cast. His hall of fame credentials may be tested with such a large group that includes some first-time thespians.

The players were formed in the Spring of 1975 as an outgrowth of the Stanly County Arts Council. The original troupe set out to establish a vehicle that would provide local citizens an opportunity to perform on stage while also exposing Stanly County to quality theatrical entertainment. A few productions that the Uwharrie Players have performed in the past few years include: Mary Poppins, Curious Savage, Leap of Faith, Shout and Elvis Has Left the Building. These shows are important for Stanly County. They allow our neighbors to display their artistic and creative abilities and expose us to thought-provoking and entertaining moments.

Since I am part of the cast, I have seen the labor exerted by the approximately 50 people who are putting the show on. From costumes to lighting and choreography, this show is a big effort for a small community. The Uwharrie Players picked a great play and the actors have put in many hours memorizing lines and rehearsing scenes. The production is really something to see and I hope that people from across Stanly County will make a special effort to attend.

You can purchase tickets at, Starnes Jewelers 127 W. Main St., B & D Bookstore 1544 NC Hwy 24/27 Bypass West, and 2nd Street Sundries 221 N 2nd Street, all located in Albemarle.

Zach Almond will play Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick in “A Few Good Men.”