Newest addition to Raleigh skyline takes shape

RALEIGH — It’s only been nine months since Dewitt Carolinas, Inc., broke ground on 1000 Social, the first of two twelve-story office towers set to go up at their new billion-dollar development on St. Albans Dr., known as The Exchange Raleigh.

Last week, the Dewitt team announced that the newest addition to Raleigh’s skyline had officially topped out. Even more impressive, the building is already 51% preleased, according to the company.

Come Quarter 2 of next year, the 353,891-square-foot office building, with its 330,000 square feet of Class-A office space, 20,000 square feet of retail, and 7,000 square feet of conference space, will officially be the new home of GFL Environmental, Summit Design and Engineering Services and the Whitley Law Firm. Dewitt also plans to utilize a floor in their new building.

“We put a lot of thought and intentionality into every aspect of the design process at 1000 Social, and we are incredibly proud of the building that is coming to life,” said Todd Saieed, Dewitt’s CEO. “One of the most rewarding aspects of the leasing process has been hearing the positive feedback from potential tenants and those who have signed leases because almost everyone is drawn to something a little different.”

From the touchless doors and elevators, the abundance of parking options, the green spaces and walking trails surrounding the building, the individual executive-style bathrooms and private balconies on every floor, to the on-site food and beverage options set to occupy the lower floors of the building, 1000 Social promises a lot to offer its future occupants.

With its completion, the new tower will also become the first LEED- and WELL-certified office building in Raleigh. LEED-certified buildings are environmentally conscious and sustainability-focused offices, whereas WELL certifications emphasize the health and wellness amenities available for tenants.

“Designing this tower through the pandemic really showed us how important health and wellness is to a building,” said Everett Daniels, President and COO of Dewitt. “Perhaps that’s something that we wouldn’t have looked at as hard had it not been for the pandemic, but I think for us and for employers, we’ve seen that to keep people at work and to get people back to work, you need all of the health and wellness features that would make someone want to come back to the office. That is really what we put our focus on when designing 1000 Social.”

At this time, there is not a set timetable for the groundbreaking of phase two of this project, which will include the construction of 1000 Social’s sister tower, 2000 Social, and the connecting of the two buildings via an elevated pedestrian skybridge and park, detailed with a pantheon-inspired oculus. However, the Dewitt team seems optimistic about the days ahead.

“Designing and planning for the future is important, and the next phase of this project is going to be equally impressive,” said Daniels. “We didn’t want to do just another office building; we wanted something that would stand the test of time, be a beautiful building today, a beautiful building in 30 years, and set the tone for future construction here at the Exchange. Ultimately, we want people to see our building and know exactly where they are.”

“This is our baby, and we’re going to make sure everything is done right, now and in the future,” echoed Saieed. “1000 Social really delivers the total package—design, amenities, location, and community.”