School board honors retiring personnel

50 departing staffers were recognized on June 4

Retired SCS personnel were honored at the school board’s June 4 meeting (photo courtesy of Stanly County Schools)

ALBEMARLE — At the Stanly County Board of Education’s June 4 meeting, board members recognized county school district retirees with a reception that was held before and during the meeting.

Lynn Plummer, chief academic officer for Stanly County Schools, introduced the 50 retired personnel near the beginning of the meeting’s agenda.

“We are excited tonight to recognize our 2024 retirees who have worked tirelessly in Stanly County Schools,” Plummer said. “We just want to make sure that they are recognized and celebrated, and hopefully they’ll come back and see us again one day. We do thank them for what they have done for our schools and for our students, and to help us along their journey with Stanly County Schools.”

Following the public name recognition portion of the reception, each retiree walked to the front of the meeting room and later shook hands and spoke to the board members.

“This group represents all facets of education, where we are, and what we need to be able to make education happen in Stanly County Schools,” Plummer continued. “We are very appreciative of all you have done and I’m serious — come back and see us.”

The following retirees were honored at the meeting: Todd Bowers; Linda Campbell; Nikki Cleaver; David Cline; Tracey Cook; Crystal Davis; Melissa Dorsey; Sandra Duarte; Amy Efird; Teresa Faggart; Joanna Gagliardi; Shannon Graham; Julie Griffith; Leslie Hanna; Angela Hatley; Jody Helms; Charlotte Helms; Renee Honey; Sandra Hopkins; Marty Ingram; Sid James; Tammy James; Jo Ann Jenkins; Jeff Kidd; Beverly Kubacki; Janice Lee; Rebecca Little; Ginger Love; Wanda Maness; Anne McLendon; Linda Medlin; Teresa Morton; Ruby Napier; Bonnie Preslar; Cynthia Rivers; Connie Slater; Tracey Smith; Terry Smith; Diane Smith; Sandra Summerlin; Elizabeth Talbert; Tony Treece; Robert Tucker; Wendy Tucker; Patricia Vanhoose; Brenda Watson; Shelley Whitley; Emily Wittman; and Sandra Carter.

“We recognized our retirees tonight and all their hard work and time spent over the course of their tenured time here in Stanly County Schools,” said Board Member Glenda Gibson. “I think of all of our employees now and the pay increases that they certainly deserve.”

Board Member Rufus Lefler added, “It was great to see all the retirees, but when you look at all that experience walking out of the door, it’s really important that we get good people to replace them…I hope this year that we are able to fill their jobs in their shoes.”

In addition to the retirement acknowledgment portion of the meeting, the school board also approved the 2024-25 Alternative School’s Modified Accountability System Participation form as recommended and approved Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for all schools effective for the next four years.

The Stanly County Board of Education is scheduled to hold its next regular meeting on June 25 at 6:15 p.m. inside the Gene McIntyre Meeting Room at Stanly County Commons.