NCGOP calls for Wake County senator’s resignation

The North Carolina General Assembly is featured in this file photo.

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Republican Party has called for the resignation of Sen. Lisa Grafstein (D-Wake), citing a violation of Article 6, Section 8 of the state constitution that requires lawmakers to live in the district they represent.  

After the announcement of new election maps that will take effect for next year’s state legislative elections, Grafstein was double-bunked with fellow Democrat Jay Chaudhuri. She has since revealed her intention to run in the new 13th district and has moved her primary residence out of her current district and changed her voter registration.  

The NCGOP argues that this move disqualifies her from serving in the current district for which her term does not expire until the end of 2024. 

“North Carolina voters deserve representation in accordance with the N.C. Constitution, not absent representatives busy searching for a more desirable soapbox from which to pander to the radical left,” a party spokesman said.