Trump campaign making significant ad buy in North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA — President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is wasting no time previewing the general election in North Carolina, and is making a six-figure ad buy in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, and New Bern media markets.

The ad, titled “Fighter,” features clips taken from Trump’s rally in Charlotte this past Monday featuring supporters praising President Trump for his various accomplishments, in particular, jobs and the economy.

In the opening moments of the ad, and elderly black supporter says that “He’s done more for the black people than they realize. He gives us jobs when they have none.”

Another supporter, a Latina woman, says that when she was nine years old she had to wait in lines for 10 pieces of bread. “That is socialism,” the woman said. “This is freedom. President Trump, thank you.”

“Folks in North Carolina know that come fall, their choice will be between President Trump’s record of success and the Democrat’s big government, socialist agenda,” said Ken Farnaso, Deputy Press Secretary for the Trump campaign exclusively to NSJ.

“President Trump has delivered nearly 220,000 new North Carolina jobs, the lowest state unemployment in nearly 20 years, Opportunity Zones, and a booming economy. The facts are clear—North Carolinians are ready to deliver a win for President Trump in November,” Farnaso added.

In comparison, during the Obama administration, around 13,600 manufacturing jobs were lost in North Carolina and according to labor statistics, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to just 3.6 percent, its lowest level in nearly 20 years. The average unemployment rate under President Obama was 8.2%.

Earlier today, the Labor Department reported 273,000 new jobs in February continuing to show the job market is in strong shape. The government on Friday also upgraded its estimate of job growth in December and January by a combined 85,000 more than it had previously reported. Over the past three months, U.S. employers have added 243,000 jobs — the best quarterly pace in over four years.